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British Forces Brunei Corona Virus Update 18 March

British Forces Brunei Commander

My intent is to maintain operational capacity of BFB and our cohesive community by fighting for normality without being reckless; maximising individual freedoms whilst adhering to hard constraints (UK and Brunei); and maintaining the highest standards of socially acceptable behaviour/hygiene. My Main effort is the maintaince of the highest standards of socially acceptable behaviour and hygiene.

Brunei Update


With effect 17 Mar 2020 any individual arriving in Brunei regardless of nationality or visa is required to Self-Isolate. Every individual will be served a Self Isolation Notice (which is a legal document) at the border control post. Under the Infectious disease Act an individual served a Self Isolation Notice must a) remain at their primary place of residence and b) refrain from outside activities for 14 days from the date of arrival. This direction from the MoH applies to all service Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants. Failure to comply with a Self-Isolation Notice is an offence under Bruneian law and disciplinary action will be taken.

Mass Gatherings As updated on 16th Mar, BFB Garrison has implemented a system of recording and approving Gatherings to ensure that they fall in line with current Brunei MoH Gatherings policy. This is vitally important that we (BFB) maintain some normality whilst not being reckless during this period and stay within Brunei Government directed guidelines. Pse read below: Brunei MoH examples of mass gatherings include: - All ticketed cultural, sports recreational and entertainment events  

- Personal social events including wedding events, birthday events and get togethers (Messing), involving large crowds and the use of dedicated enclosed venues such as banquet halls, restaurants and event venues;  

- Conferences, symposiums, expositions, training courses and meetings.

Brunei MoH advice is:  - Reduce the scale of events to below 50 participants, this includes children, staff members, waiters, chefs etc.

- Improve ventilation - Reduce contact with others e.g. avoid shaking hands - Know your guests or who you invite to facilitate contact tracing if needed

- Always ensure personal and environmental hygiene  

- Attendees must practice social responsibility

Those with the following conditions are advised not to attend: -Elderly with chronic diseases  

- Pregnant women  

- Infants and children below 5 years old  

- Those who are unwell especially with respiratory symptoms

BFB Garrison Policy BFB Garrison will abide by Brunei policy as we have a moral and legal obligation to do this. Prior to holding the event, especially Departments, Sub Units or personnel wishing to hold an event, are to email with the following details:  

- Date and time duration of the gathering  

- Location of gathering  Numbers of personnel involved (not to exceed 50)  

- Booking reference (Chautari, CCCC, Istana Panti etc) authority.  

- Comments if required Once this information has been received a confirmatory email will be sent authorising the gathering.

PCMF The flow chart below outlines the isolation procedure for Service Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants who have been identified as either Asymptomatic and Symptomatic:

Service Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants that are directed to self-isolate by the PCMF, Duty Nurse, Medical Officer or Brunei Health Authorities, must abide by self-isolation direction given by the PCMF and Brunei Ministry of Health. They are NOT to deliberately mix with non- isolated personnel and must maintain the highest levels of self-discipline, personal hygiene and isolation discipline. Families are to comply with this as a family unit.

Asymptomatic Service Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants who are isolated are to refrain from outside activities, and are not participate in activities with others, they are to keep their distance from other people and do not allow their children to play in communal areas (play parks). Symptomatic Service Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants who are isolated are to remain contained within their living space as directed by PCMF. It is a moral responsibility for ALL to comply with this direction. Isolated person/s found to be breaking the isolation guidelines may have disciplinary action taken against them. Sources of Advice and Information


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