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Operating hours

DIO Helpdesk Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 0730 – 1630

Friday 0730 – 1500



     Direct line 3224130 

     Through exchange 3224111 and extensions 3375 

     Direct military line 3375

Email: DIORDOSTrg- 

Fault Report


1. Whether a building custodian, user or occupant, all faults must be reported to the DIO Help Desk providing the following information:

     a. Name
     b. Contact Number
     C. Building Number/ flat /house number with location of the fault
     d. Brief description of the fault
     e. Suitable time for DIO foremen / tradesmen, contractors to visit

2. Individuals should also ensure that they obtain a Reference Number from the Help Desk Operator. This will allow individuals to phone the Help Desk to get an update on the reported task. 

Individuals are not to report faults to anyone else in the Garrison Engineer's department as this could result in the fault not being rectified.


Planned Maintenance

Contact DIO
Fault Report
Planned Maintenance
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