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H16 DIO(B) Planned Maintenance

* The information displayed is updated on weekly basis.

Legionella Risk Assessment from UK inspector

Legionella Risk assessments (Garrison Buildings) Starting 25th May 2021 until end of the week they will be Inspector doing LRA (Legionella Risk Assessments) on Garrison Technical building.

Legionella Risk assessments (SFA)

Starting 1st June 2021 until end of the week they will be inspector doing LRA (Legionella Risk assessments) on SFA

MQ No.18

MQ No.19

MQ No.20

MQ No.28

MQ No.34A

MQ No.34B

MQ No.35A

MQ No.35B

MQ No.36A

MQ No.36B

MQ No.41A

MQ No.41B

MQ No.42A

MQ No.42B

MQ No.43A

MQ No.43B

MQ No.44A

MQ No.44B

MQ No.46A

MQ No.46B

MQ No.47A

MQ No.47B

MQ No.48A

MQ No.48B

MQ No.49A

MQ No.49B

MQ No.50A

MQ No.50B

MQ No.57A

MQ No.58B

MQ No.59A

MQ No.59B

MQ No.60A

MQ No.60B

MQ No.61A

MQ No.61B

MQ No.62A

MQ No.62B

MQ No.80A

MQ No.80B

MQ No.81A

MQ No.81B

MQ No.82A

MQ No.82B

MQ No.83A

MQ No.83B

MQ No.84A

MQ No.84B

MQ No.85A

MQ No.85B

MQ No.86A

MQ No.86B

MQ No.87A

MQ No.87B

MQ No.88A

MQ No.88B

MQ No.89A

MQ No.89B

MQ No.90A

MQ No.90B

MQ No.91A

MQ No.91B

MQ No.92A

MQ No.92B

MQ No.93A

MQ No.93B

MQ No.94A

MQ No.94B

MQ No.95A

MQ No.95B

MQ No.96A

MQ No.96B

MQ No.97A

MQ No.97B

MQ No.98A

MQ No.98B

MQ No.99A

MQ No.99B


DIO regularly releases new information on planned maintenance. BFB personnel are encouraged to regularly check the DIO(B) Planned Maintenance section to see if your SFA has been scheduled for any works.

1 Comment

May 06, 2021

Is it possible for DIO to indicate on the planned maintenance schedule, whether internal access to dwellings is required? Also it would be very useful if some better indication of timing could be given to assist in arranging time off work . A morning or afternoon time slot instead of 8.30 - 4.00 would be very helpful.

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