Single and unaccompanied personnel will be accommodated in the Messes or Tuker Lines , depending on your rank and whether you are posted to the RIB or to the Garrison.  These will consist of mainly two-man bedrooms, with junior ranks getting a single bunk. In Medicina lines all junior ranks' accommodation is single bunks.  There are small kitchens in all the accommodation blocks. The Junior Ranks' Restaurant is less than 100 metres from the accommodation.


All rooms are scaled in accordance with JSP 315 and furbished with essential items.  


Brunei Garrison has a 2 main SFA areas.

  • Mumong SFA


Mumong SFA includes Istana Garden (known as Jurassic Park), Istana Avenue (X1), Istana Drive (X2), Istana Grove and the 620/621 flats. 


This area is a 15 minutes’ drive from Tuker Lines and the Garrison. Mumong SFA includes two Officers’ patches which comprise of four bedroom detached houses (Istana Drive, Istana Avenue) and three and four bedroom bungalows (Istana Gardens).  The Other Ranks’ patch (Istana Grove) comprises of semi-detached bungalows and flats. The Mumong patch is within walking distance or a short drive from the beach and the Officers’ Mess.  The SFA in this area is co-located with Mumong Community Centre, the Splash Pool, the Patio Club, Treetops Nursery and HIVE. 


CLICK HERE to take a tour around your future home. This page is password protected, CLICK HERE to gain the password or contact Brunei HIVE.

  • Tuker Lines SFA

SFA is within walking distance of Tuker Lines Camp and a short drive from Medicina Lines and the Brunei Garrison Head Quarters. This area comprises a mix of Hornbill teachers in detached bungalows (G15), and Other Ranks’ accommodation in semi-detached bungalows and flats (H15 and J16).  Tuker Lines SFA is within walking distance of the Hornbill School, the NAAFI, Chautari restaurant, Garrison Gym, Garrison Swimming Pool, the Primary Care Medical Facility (PCMF), the Education Centre, Thrift Shop, Ramdhani shop and Chit Chat Community Centre.


The SFA facilities include a volleyball court, basketball court, 5-a side football court, play area, sports field and play grounds for children.

CLICK HERE to take a tour around your future home. This page is password protected, CLICK HERE to gain the password or contact Brunei HIVE.

For further information regarding the SFA, please contact :

Housing/Welfare Clerk:

Military: 9240 3253 Civilian: 00 673 3224101 ext 3253  

HIVE Information Centre:

Tel: 00 673 3332309 and 00 673 3223809


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