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Local shops


The NAAFI is located in between Tuker Lines and the Garrison swimming pool. It is open Monday - Friday 0830-1900 and Saturday & Sunday 1000-1900. There are two areas in the NAAFI - the main shop, which is open to all and the “Entitled Personnel Only” section. The NAAFI stocks a large variety of UK brands that will be familiar from home. Various UK products are available from frozen goods, perfumes, cards, military essentials. There is a selection of ready to eat food prepared daily such as sandwiches, salad, sausage rolls, pastries and more. Additionally, a coffee machine and a cosy seating area are also accessible within the shop.   


Ram Dhani’s is located near Hornbill School, Simpang 128. Here you can purchase just about anything. Available goods and services include spices, toiletries, snacks, take-away, transport, tailoring and dry cleaning. They also deliver to SFA and SLA. Ram Dhani’s samosas are most famous and a favourite amongst the BFB community.

Local shops

Shopping choices in Brunei can be limited. Unlike the UK, where you find most of what you want from your shopping list from one store or have it delivered directly to your front door; in Brunei, you may find yourself having to go to a couple of places to find everything you want. 


Most stores are approximately 5-10 minute drive away from the SFA estates. The most popular of local supermarkets is Supa Save located on Jalan Tengah. It offers a wide range of products, including British and Australian brands. Supa Save also has a large variety of gluten-free, non-dairy and organic produce too. There is local and imported fresh produce, including a separate non-halal meat section.

Local stores around Seria and Kuala Belait : 

Soon Lee Mega Mart

Supa Save

Sentral Shopping Centre



Local markets

Local markets (called “tamu”) sell fresh local and imported fruits and vegetables. These markets are a fantastic opportunity to try new local flavours, have an interaction with local people and get cheaper produce to what you can find in the supermarkets. If you are unsure of navigating your way around the markets or want hints and tips on where to buy what, don’t be afraid to ask. Someone in the community would be more than happy to show you around. 


The market is held every Thursday evening and Friday morning in front of Soon Lee Mega Mart in Seria. On Friday, the market will be shut between 1200-1400hrs for prayer time. Most stalls will remain closed thereafter.


Situated in Kuala Belait, Pasarneka indoor market opens everyday selling fresh fish, flowers, fruits & vegetables, food and snacks. It is recommended to go to the market early in the morning to get freshly caught local fish, such as red snapper, squid and prawns. There is also a stall that sells imported fresh salmon. The weekend fruit and vegetable market is held outside Parsarneka in the car park. It's open on Saturday and Sunday from early morning until around 1200hrs.


Brunei has a diverse range of foods, from Indian to Bangladeshi, Malay, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. Eating out is considerably cheaper than the UK. There are a few popular western restaurants such as KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut in Kuala Belait and Seria. Although none are within walking distance of the SFAs, most offer delivery. Chautari is located on Tuker Lines. The restaurant is run by the NAAFI and opens to entitled personnel and families only. The restaurant serves Asian dishes and pizzas.

Delivery and Takeaway Services

A number of restaurants around Kuala Belait and Seria offer delivery and takeaway services. Scroll down to see the list of restaurants around the areas.

Disclaimer: The display of services on this website is aimed to offer ease of use to the BFB community. It does not constitute endorsement of any item or service by Brunei Garrison. With every effort to keep all information up to date, the accuracy of materials displayed or externally linked is not guaranteed. Please contact the service providers to check availability and terms & conditions that may apply.

Delivery and Takeaway
Local market
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Local Offers

Local offers


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Defence Discount Service


Defence Discount Service provides discounts both online and on the high street for members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and Armed Forces Community. For more information, visit


Did you know? Online offers on the Defence Discount Service website can widen your shopping options since choices are limited locally. A lot of businesses deliver to BFPO addresses! 

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