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Driving in Brunei

Driving in Brunei is the same as in the UK, we drive on the left. Always park your car on the correct side of the road, in the direction of the traffic flow. Always wear your seatbelt and ensure children are seated in the correct type of child seat; drive carefully and defensively. When driving in Brunei, especially in the city of Bandar, Police on motorbikes may request you to pull right off the road to allow the Sultan or members of the Royal Family cavalcade to proceed.


Exercise caution when coming out of a junction watch out for overtaking traffic. At roundabouts, make sure other vehicles intend to give way, even if you are in the right. Indicate in plenty of time and check again to make sure that no other vehicles are overtaking you as Speed traps are in frequent use. Fines of B$50 or sometimes even more are payable on the spot. If you are not in possession of your driving licence you will have to present t to the Police Station (next to Supasave) within 7 days of the offence.


Brunei has several driving laws not common in other countries. You are permitted to park only on the side of the road in the direction of traffic flow. Do not leave your car with the engine running. Stop at junctions with stop signs.


It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving in Brunei. There is a penalty of up to 6 months

imprisonment in this respect.

UK driving licence sample

UK driving licence

Brunei Driving licence sample

Brunei driving licence


At present the UK / EU Driving Licence is valid in Brunei for both service personnel and their dependants. Please ensure this is brought with you and not packed in your removals as it will delay you being able to drive.

Those personnel who could be required to drive a military vehicle through an FMT 600 are to complete the Brunei matrix test, through QOGLR or the Military Transport office for RGR personnel. If your spouse or dependant would like to take the driving test in Brunei and successfully pass, it is not valid in UK; therefore they would have to re-sit the UK test on their return. The theory test however is valid in UK, with more details available from either QOGLR or the Battalion Military Transport Office.

Learning to Drive in Brunei 

Taking a driving lesson Brunei might be a good idea if you don't drive. Generally speaking, there are a lot less traffic in Brunei than in the UK making it an ideal place for learners. There are a few driving schools located around BFB areas. The cost is affordable and prices range between 500 BND - 700 BDN from start to finish.

Registering Vehicles

All car owners are duty bound, when purchasing a car in Brunei, to register it at the Land Transport  Department (in your name), regardless of whether it is taxed and insured already. You will require the following documentation in order for your visit to go smoothly.

  • Valid Insurance 

Ensure you check the expiry date of the vehicle; if it is not valid for longer than 2 months the Land

Transport Office may insist you extend the road tax to ensure your insurance is valid.

Tinted Windows – only allowed by Royal Family, if caught you are fined and need to return to normal

windows in car.

  • Vehicle Log Book

Ensure you have the car’s original Blue Card (Log Book), as a photocopy is not acceptable.

  • Transfer of Ownership

You must ensure that you have a transfer form signed and completed by the seller of the vehicle. Again, this is available from the Land Transport Office. There is a section on the form that requires completion and signature of the new owner. You will also require a photocopy of the sellers ID card (signed) and aphotocopy of the seller’s driving licence (signed). Your car will also have to be inspected at a cost of $5.00.


On submission of these documents to the Land Transport office, your Blue card will be retained for

processing. You will be given a receipt and requested to collect your original Blue card in approx oneweek.


The Land Transport office timings are as follows:

Office opens Mon to Thu and Sat. Timings: 0800-1215 and 1330 to 1630 hrs.

Petrol Stations

There are four petrol stations in the Seria, Kuala Belait district; with two stations in each town. There is one in Seria known as the Roxana which opens from 6am until 9pm. Petrol stations close on some public holidays e.g. the Sultan's Birthday so remember to fill up in advance. Please ensure you do not use your mobile phone at the petrol station.

registering vehicles
Learning to Drive in Brunei
Petrol stations
Brunei Road Signs
Car Annual Checks
Road signs in Brunei.jpg

Brunei Road Signs

The following Malay to English translations represent the text associated with the most important road signs that you will come across on the roads in Brunei and in the neighbouring Malaysian States of Sarawak and Sabah. There is no ‘Highway Code’ as we know it in Brunei, and this will be noticed the first time you drive on the roads. It cannot be stressed enough that you and your family should take extra care when driving on the roads in Brunei and maintain a high level of vigilance when driving here; you will quickly become a most effective defensive driver.

Speed limits are generally indicated on all roads in kilometres per hour, with limits in built up areas set at 50 Kph. The speed limit is 65 Kph on main roads and 100 Kph on the motorway. The police do set up speed traps, but these are normally well signposted in advance, but if you are caught speeding you will be fined.

Car Annual Checks

All vehicles have to go through an annual “MOT” check which takes place at the Land Transport Office. Your vehicle documentation and insurance policy will also be checked. If your car is older than seven years it will get thoroughly checked which could take a long time, as you cannot make an appointment. You should also get your cars checked out by the Garrison workshop annually, or prior to buying a second hand car. For those cars seven years or younger, you need to go the local Post Office to renew their documents. All drivers should take the maintenance and servicing of your cars seriously.

Baby and Child Safety Seats

Child restraints and baby car seats should be used as in the UK. The RMP will take action against anybody breaking UK and Bruneian law, therefore please make sure your children travel safely.

A child car seats are available for hire from SSAFA. For more information, please click here.


Baby&Child Safety seats
Baby/Child Safety Seat Hire
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