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British Forces Brunei

British Forces Brunei is based in Brunei at the request of His Majesty the Sultan and is centred on the outskirts of Seria in the west of the country. 

Tuker Lines is home to Headquarters BFB and the Resident Infantry Battalion (RIB), currently the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Gurkha Rifles. The RIB is the British Army's only fully acclimatised jungle specialist Battalion and rotates every three years with its sister Battalion in the UK to maintain operational currency.


The jungle offers a unique environment in which to hone dismounted infantry skills and training from individual marksmanship, navigation and survival training to the development of Battle Group level jungle warfare doctrine.



Close by us Medicina Lines, home to 7 flight Army Air Corps and the British Army's Jungle Warfare Division (JWD). 7Fl provides aviation support to JWD, the RIB and other units exercising in Brunei. This capability , together with Brunei Boat Section, is critical given the nature of the jungle and the lack of vehicle access.


JWD delivers courses to qualify soldiers from across the British Army and partner nations, as Jungle Warfare Instructors and Operational Tracking Instructors. 

British Forces Brunei also has its own school, Hornbill School, for the service children, a Primary Care Medical Facility and a number of enablers who deliver logistic support and maintain BFB infrastructure. 

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