• British Forces Brunei HQ

British Forces Brunei Headquarters Corona Virus Update - 16 March

British Forces Brunei Commander

My Intent is to Maintain operational capacity of BFB and our cohesive community by fighting for normality without being reckless; maximising individual freedoms whilst adhering to hard constraints (UK and Brunei); and maintaining the highest standards of socially acceptable behaviour/hygiene. My Main effort is the maintaince of the highest standards of socially acceptable behaviour and hygiene.

United Kingdom Update

As of 9am on 15 March 2020, 40,279 people have been tested in the UK, of which 38,907 were confirmed negative and 1,372 were confirmed as positive. 35 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have died.

Brunei Update

As of 15 March 2020, 10 new cases have been confirmed bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 50 people. 7 of the new cases are related to the religious congregation (tabligh) cluster in Kuala Lumpur. 3 new cases are contacts of Case 25 that was reported on 12 March 2020, unrelated to the religious congregation (tabligh) cluster in Kuala Lumpur.

Furthermore, those who participated in the Pontianak Bike Week held on 12 March to 14 March 2020 in Kalimantan, Indonesia and the Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon 2020 held from 14 to 16 March 2020 in Sabah, Malaysia are required to register to the Port Health Unit at all points of entry, including at the Brunei International Airport to receive guidelines to undergo self-isolation for 14 days on arrival in Brunei Darussalam. Those who have returned back to Brunei Darussalam but have not yet registered are required to contact the Health Advice Line 148.


With effect 16 Mar 2020 all Brunei Darussalam citizens, permanent residents and resident foreign nationals who hold a green card are not permitted to leave Brunei unless authorised through the Prime Minister’s Office. This includes all Serving Personnel, Dependants, Contractors and Civil Servants of BFB. This affects both Duty and Off-Duty travel. Applications for travel can be made through BFB HQ, but will only be approved for operationally vital duty travel and in extreme cases for Off-Duty travel. This does not affect MEDEVAC, Compassionate or End of Assignment travel. Guide Lines for Exit can be found at the link below:

Guide Lines for Application to Exit Risk Categories of COVID19 Affected Countries as at 14 Mar 2020 

Mass gatherings

In accordance with the Brunei Ministry of Health direction (MoH), there are to be no gatherings in excess of 50 people (including staff). This ruling does not affect the following: - PT, Coy Muster Parades.  

- Access to sporting facilities.  

- Mess / Department Functions, provided they are in line with direction and the appropriate hygiene mitigations are in place.  

- Hornbill School, provide the agreed mitigations are in place. All functions must be approved by DCOS BFB in order to ensure they are in line with MoH direction.

Hornbill School

Any decision on Hornbill school sits with DCYP, taking into account the in country situation, which is all schools closed early for holidays as a precautionary measure only, and all schools will reopen as planned post Easter holidays. We are aware of the situation and have engaged with the British High Commission (BHC) to gain an understanding of the Ministry of Health intent for two weeks’ time. In conjunction with the position of the majority of English schools, Hornbill will remain open. The teachers and staff are working hard to put plans in place for remote education. Rest assured, we are reassessing the situation on a daily basis and are in daily contact with DCYP and the BHC in order to closely monitor the situation.