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  • Mandatory 14 Day Self-Isolation For All Travellers Entering The UK

  • Coronavirus FAQs on Border Restrictions



Coronavirus FAQs on Border Restrictions

Published 22 May 2020

What are the new border restrictions?

The measures include: mandatory requirements for all arrivals to the UK to self-isolate in suitable accommodation for 14 days (or until departing the UK) and mandatory requirements to provide their contact details in the UK to support contact tracing. These measures are expected to come into effect on 8 June. Further details can be seen at the .gov.uk website [www.gov.uk/uk-border-control].

What does this mean for Defence activity and its personnel?

Alongside the rest of Government, it is important that Defence supports these efforts and the default position will be that these policies will be followed. Senior leaders will be considering the impact of these measures upon defence activities and considering mitigations where appropriate. There are a limited number of exemptions for Defence and these will only be applied in exceptional circumstances, e.g. where there would be a clear impact to critical defence activity. There are wider exemptions which may also be relevant to Defence personnel including exemptions relating to compassionate return or medical reasons.

Further internal guidance to senior leaders will follow shortly.

What are critical Defence activities? Does this mean there are exemptions for Defence?

The default position will be that the requirement to self-isolate on return to the UK will apply to all Defence personnel and activities. However, there is a provision in the legislation for personnel to be exempted where it is deemed that the individual is crucial to delivering essential Defence activity. The judgement as to whether the activity is essential, and the individual can be exempted will be made by senior MOD personnel who will be required to report the exemption to the centre.

What does this mean for the families of those serving overseas?

There are exemptions in the legislation which might concern individuals returning to the UK for compassionate or medical reasons. It is also possible for the self-isolation to be carried out a fami