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British Forces Brunei Headquarters COVID-19 Update - 07.07.20


  • Isolation on Returning to the UK

  • Garrison Pool Opening

Isolation on returning to the UK

As some of you may be aware, the UK Government announced over the weekend a list of countries that are exempt from the 14 days isolation for travellers entering the UK. There is no exemption in place for Brunei. These decisions are taken at the highest levels of the UK Government.

BFB HQ will now actively seek a waiver for all SP, dependants and UKBC’s from UK MOD. This process will take time, and BFB HQ will provide an update as soon as further information is available.

Swimming Pool Opening

With effect on 8th July, the BFB (Garrison) Swimming Pool will reopen following MoH direction. The pool is available to use only for those aged 15 and above.

The pool will open 1000 – 1200 & 1400 – 1700 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

BFB personnel using the pool facilities are entitled to one 60-minute session per day. The maximum capacity is currently at 30 people at any one time. 

Advance booking is required. All bookings are to be made through or call 3224111 Ext 3721. The Mumong Splash Pool will remain shut until further notice.


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