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British Forces Brunei Headquarters COVID-19 Update - 03.07.20


  • Social Distancing

  • Mass gathering

  • Sports / Gyms

  • Sports Classes

  • Swimming Pool

  • Brunei Law

- Final BFBS Interview with Commander BFB

With effect from 06 July 2020 all BFB Social Distancing Policy is superseded by MoH direction. As a result of this change, BFB families are no longer restricted to interacting just within the BFB community. See below the key headlines from MoH policy.

Social Distancing

With effect on 6th July the Social Distancing requirement will move from 2 meter spacing to 1 meter.

Mass gatherings

With effect from 06 July, in accordance with Brunei MoH easing of restrictions, mass gathering policy will change. See below the MoH announcement:

  1. Mass gathering is limited to not more than 50 people for each event. Staggered arrivals i.e. attendees arriving and leaving at different times or taking turns to attend an event is not permitted

2. Permitted events:

a. Private functions, religious events, wedding events, family events and charity events held at private residences or purpose-built premises such as banquet halls, restaurants and other event venues.

b. Events at the workplace, including meetings, courses, training, conferences, job interviews including written test, as well as social events.

c. Organisers of recreational events must comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

3. Keep events short. As much as possible, limit events to 2 hours at any one time.

For events organised at private residences, hosts are required to list all attendees to assist with contact tracing if required, such as by providing a register book or guest book.

4. For events organised at purpose-built premises, the management of the premise are required to obtain BruHealth QR code specific for their premise and print out the QR code and place it at the entrance so that it can be scanned by attendees before entering and upon leaving the premise.

5. Refreshments may be provided through service by waitstaff or dome set. However, buffets may be considered if the event is held at a private residence or privately at a purpose-built premise. If the event is held at a restaurant, the buffet is not permitted to be served for other restaurant patrons.

For the most up to date guidance please see Mass Gatherings.


With effect 06 July ,Gyms, indoor and outdoor fitness centres will enter phase 3 of the de-escalation plan with capacities increased to 90%. However, the Tuker Lines Gym will remain at its current capacity due to the refurbishment. Under the third level of de-escalation, the conditions and guidelines for the use of these four facilities will be updated as follows:

  1. They will operate with 90% capacity in a time subject to the central space and facilities.

  2. They can open to registered members and also unregistered members.

  3. Usage increased to a maximum of 2 hours per day.

  4. Usage of locker rooms and showers are now allowed.

  5. For sports, double and pairs are allowed where before this only single matches allowed.

  6. Contact sports and non-contact artistic sports are allowed for training sessions only. However, sparring is not allowed.

  7. Team sport will be limited to five (5) in a particular team for training programmes only. Inter-group exchanges, activities involving physical contact and equipment and equipment are not allowed.

Sports Classes

There has been no change to the MoH direction on the numbers permitted during organised classes.  BFB HQ has submitted a direct request for clarification to the Ministry of Health.

Swimming Pool

Further direction on the opening of the BFB Swimming pool will follow in coming days.

Brunei Law

All members of the BFB community are reminded that failure to comply with the direction given by the MoH is an offence under the Infectious Diseases Act (Chapter 204) and if found guilty, may be fined to up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 6 months or both. 

Final BFBS Interview with Commander BFB


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