• British Forces Brunei HQ

British Forces Brunei Headquarters COVID-19 Update - 03.07.20


- De-escalation Level 3

  • Social Distancing

  • Mass gathering

  • Sports / Gyms

  • Sports Classes

  • Swimming Pool

  • Brunei Law

- Final BFBS Interview with Commander BFB

With effect from 06 July 2020 all BFB Social Distancing Policy is superseded by MoH direction. As a result of this change, BFB families are no longer restricted to interacting just within the BFB community. See below the key headlines from MoH policy.

Social Distancing

With effect on 6th July the Social Distancing requirement will move from 2 meter spacing to 1 meter.

Mass gatherings

With effect from 06 July, in accordance with Brunei MoH easing of restrictions, mass gathering policy will change. See below the MoH announcement:

  1. Mass gathering is limited to not more than 50 people for each event. Staggered arrivals i.e. attendees arriving and leaving at different times or taking turns to attend an event is not permitted

2. Permitted events: