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British Forces Brunei Corona Virus Update - 20 March

Headline information

(Driven by Daily HQ meetings)


Each individual and family may have different periods of isolation due to the clinical scenario and the guidance from MoH Brunei and PCMF. If in doubt contact the PCMF. As a reminder ISOLATION now means remaining strictly within the confines of your home i.e. no running, no drives, no supermarkets etcIf you genuinely feel that someone is breaking the isolation requirement please contact COS BFB.


All face to face physio appointments will cease(including gym). Existing appointments will be by telephone. Current patients will receive a phone call within 5 days. Only urgent cases will be considered for face to face appointments. For queries, email-


All organised social events and activities will cease within BFB Garrison. This will affect all organised activities including; youth clubs, toddler groups, fitness sessions etc. Common sense must be applied to gatherings within living areas.

Travel to and from Brunei

Until further notice, all travel regardless of route including off duty requires approval by HQ BFB. This includes all members of the Garrison (Serving personnel, Dependents, UKBCs and contractors). As a reminder RBA have cancelled all flights to and from London with effect from 23 Mar 20 until at least 30 Apr 20. RBA will be maintaining a twice weekly flight from Bandar to Singapore.

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