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British Forces Brunei (BFB) is a unique community consisting of many communities that support one another. Our BFB community of communities provides rich and diverse opportunities according to your interests and lifestyle. The extent to which you interact with different communities within, and outside, BFB will define your experience here in Brunei. 


The community is largely transient due to the nature of posting timescales, typically two years, and the RGR unit move, which happens every three years. This can lead to the landscape of the community drastically changing depending on personalities, skills and experiences of the people who arrive, leave or stay. The various communities thrive on the enthusiasm and energy of their members and volunteers, they can not exist without your support.


Most people are likely to forge friendships with their neighbours and colleagues first but there are plenty of opportunities to meet people through regular events held at the Community Centres, Messes and outside clubs. BFB’s diverse cultural mix, both military and civilian, makes it easy to try something new. It is often commented that a posting to Brunei is made by the people that you meet and you will be certain to make friends that you will keep for life.


The illustration above shows the diverse community of communities that exist in BFB and wider. 

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